WIX, BDS and website building tools

For years now, there are many tools to quickly build and manage websites. Today, there are even vertically specialized tools for eCommerce website builders and even eCommerce for florists in specific!

This post is not about these tools per se, it’s about a particular one that has somehow gained a lot of popularity the past few years especially in our part of the world.


WIX is an Israeli Startup.

I’ve recently been discussing it with several of my friends who were ecstatic about using WIX because of the empowerment it makes them feel that they, non-programmers, can easily build and operate a good looking and functioning website!

It felt like I am crushing their world, turning it upside down. As their immediate reaction was to find out when they had to renew it so they can stop the process and of course the dilemma of what to do after they stop.

So those of you in Arabia who support the popular BDS Movement should clearly steer away from using WIX. But what can you do with what you build there? Sadly, it’s gone and whichever next tool you want to use, you’ll need to start from scratch. Why? Because maybe convenience is always tagged with a high price. These website builders, build their own IP and tools to help the masses easily create their own website, a black box that can’t be ported easily into their competitor’s tools

The ones I recommend are SquareSpace as well as Weebly, both are popular and priced somewhere close. There is also a regional one called Websity, I don’t know how dependable it is but seems to price their offering closer to the competition.

Hope this posts helps!

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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