Spring is FINALLY here :-)

After one of the longest winters we remember ever experiencing, spring is all around and is beautiful, maybe more so this year than any other?

We’ve spent this long winter taking stock of our work for a little over a decade to see where do we want to go next.

The process ended up with nothing short of an intense soul searching mission to find signals amongst all the noise around us, especially during an ever shrinking local economy right at center of a struggling region to find a answer the existential question of

How can we stay relevant?

And as in any discovery effort, we ended up asking even more questions:

  • What were the elements that contributed most at keeping our clients happy working with us?
  • What we excelled at and what we ended moving away from? What was asked of us but we were not offering systematically?
  • What elements of our track-record wowed new clients into the value we bring away from the competition?
  • What will our clients need us to do 2019 and onwards?
  • What we as a team are each passionate about working on moving forward?

The answers were many, some were relevant some were not. We kept iterating, filtering for blue over red, repeatability over coincidence , past vs future and trend over hype.

And in the spirit of staying agile, we had to stop at some point and launch our new story into the world, this is how it goes…

What makes a happy client?

  1. When they feel they are understood, from the first interaction, way before we sign a contract.
  2. When they get useful advice throughout the project.
  3. When they feel we worry about their pockets, when we convince them not to add yet another feature or better yet when we find cheaper ways to solve a problem.
  4. When they get something extra when it’s possible and specially if we underserved them at some point.
  5. When we obviously deliver on time.

What sets us apart?

  1. The attention we give to understand the business of our clients and what makes them successful.
  2. Our relentless focus on our clients’ own customers and the jobs they need to get done.
  3. Our approach to agility when we research then curate the right first customer experience and plan the next ones with a feedback loop.
  4. Our ability to deliver a delightful user experience and robust implementation.
  5. The straight forward and timely support operations we provide.
  6. How we help our clients train and hire talent to replace us when the time comes!

What we love to do?

  1. We ❤ coding (period)
  2. We love thinking and creating useful, delightful and robust digital products.
  3. We love researching, experimenting, explaining, and discussing through out the creation process.

What we will do more of?

  1. We turned our decades-long experience in launching digital products for our clients and our own experiments into a set of useful workshops and coaching sessions to help more entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs launch successful products.
  2. We designed an affordable basic service offering where aspiring founders everywhere are better able to build their lean mvp with us.
  3. We will keep training young women & men on how to code robust stuff that some people will find delightful and useful.
  4. We will keep making time to learn new interfaces and technologies of the near future so when the time comes and our clients are open for us to use them, we can jump right in.

That’s the outcome of #TheLongWinter @ Spring, our evolution into a digital product studio!

We invite you to browse the “beta” of our new story and encourage you to give us feedback while we keep iterating!

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Happy Springing 🙂

This story was first published @Springing Forward

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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