Elections, a conversation...

The optimist: we need to go and go register to vote in the upcoming elections!!!

The indifferent: I can’t be bothered, never elected anyone before and surely not going to do so now. 

The pessimist: I am boycotting the elections, the election law is just ridiculous and unfair, a complete sham.

The optimist: but we can’t just stay still and boycott, I personally won’t stand another 111 parliament, can’t happen under my watch!

The pessimist: well voting for the election law as is, is just plain stupid, it will produce another 111 parliament!! Can’t have that under my watch and participation!!

The optimist: you have a point,  but we have to start somewhere, boycotting won’t serve your future aspirations. It will happen anyway.

The pessimist: well, at least it will serve my conscience and my principles. And it will make me sleep better at night. Some compromises are just ain’t worth it.

The optimist: what will you do instead? Roam the streets with a boycot sign ahead of the elections?

The indifferent: tell you what; can we vote on where to have dinner for now?

(Someone else joins during dinner)

The indifferent: those two were just discussing elections, one wants to participate the other wants to boycott. I for one can’t be bothered.

The someone-else: I won’t participate, but I won’t boycott either.

The indifferent: Khodlak! (WTF)

The optimist: ya Salam! (really)

The pessimist: nawwerna (do say mr. smart)

The someone-else: we flip the process. way before candidates register, we we compile a list of urgent issues we suffer from in Jordan. Have people vote on how each issue is relevant in their electrol district in the whole of Jordan. Then all can suggest a candidate or two from their own area whom they think are best able to solve that particular problem! 

With time, the real people who can attempt to sove these issues get the most votes and whomever wants to register as a candidate has to either be from that pool or get the blessing of those winning people!

The indifferent: sounds cool, I dont have to go anywhere; i can vote from my laptop right???

The pessimist: there are people beyond west amman you know! Won’t work with them!! Dream on!

The optimist: Sounds too idealistic for me.


Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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