Discussion on monogamy

Would be as expected of an answer, but let’s write it down to keep it on record.

One of my recent nakshat moukh (literal translation: itching your brain, slang for those once-in-while deliberate conversation starters about controversial topics in general)

So  I went arround the room asking members of couples or single folk if they were ok with their lover sleeping with someone else, more of an interrogation really, the typical answer was a “no”, through the q & a to most it seemed like a something they are not even prepared to discuss in their relationships beside the no they would answer with. meaning if their partner would even start the topic it would mean the end of their relationship and said they would end it right then and there.

The next sub-topic was when does this exclusive state happens?

To most it was to be thru an explicit talk where the other would agree to be exclusive. What if the other didn’t get there yet? They speculated needing more dating time or the end of the affair. Some thought that it’s a default issue (being in love)  no talk is needed. Then the conversation went into how many months of dating before exclusivity kicks in. No conclusion was reached on how many months.

Some mentioned trust and how it’s subjective to the people involved in that relationship.

What are your thoughts on this?

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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