Top 8 useful things on facebook

and the obsession continues…these are my top useful things you can do on facebook: (order doesn’t signify importance!)

1. Get to know about local events in your regional network, since i started using facebook i got to know about a lot of things happening in amman, actually got to know that amman is happening hehe.

2. Import notes from your blog, this one is useful if you want to get more audience into your NEW blog, for long-time bloggers i think this one is not only not-useful but dangerous as it will turn the traffic away from your blog since people will comment through facebook and not directly from your blog.

3. Get back in touch with people you have lost contact with in the past.

4. Use of facebook messaging is much easier than sending a friend an email. This i had to fight with for sometime before i was convinced it was useful.

 5. Posting and sharing of links, this by far is the most useful one, as it cuts down on farwards especially large ones and keeps your email free of “friendly junk”!

6. Photo sharing is fun,  taging people in photo’s you upload is fun as well as getting tagged in theirs.

 7. Mini-feed, only if filtered correctly to include only the news feeds you are interested in knowing about, too much of it is overwhelming and unseful if you plan to log every other day.

8.  Marketplace, this one is great, especially in arab coutnries where e-business is not yet out there (you cannot yet order food online in Amman!) and where craigslist is not popular compared to facebook.

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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