Disconnect works, in many situations. It makes you think, or doesn’t. It gives you space, a little breath too. It heals mostly.

After time it can hurt, when you remember the good times and how unavailable the other person is to you now. Unavailable in a sense that you need a lot of courage, energy, to try to connect with them again. Is it worth it? Remains unknown.

An ex lover or an ex friend.

I find trying once at least will be worth the effort as equal as to what that person once meant to you beyond temporary agitated reasons that caused the disconnect then.

I think if you can forgive or if you are sorry then you must say it as well. Someday.

I decided I want to try.

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

Playing at the intersection of culture, technology, and values. Trying to structure my thoughts and share experiences, learnings, and insights. Co-founder of @spring_apps
Amman, Jordan