You've got baggage...

And so do I.

Too much or too little? Hard to figure out.

I always push my self to get lighter, but that emotional baggage I carry comes nagging in, wanting to protect me from my self.

We all do.

I want a lighter state of being. Yet,I want a wiser state of being at the same time.

Is this the eternal conflict?

What happens when our souls meet?

They have fun, loads of fun.

What happens when they part?

Miss emotional baggage comes nagging in, with its motherly protective instinct.

It keeps us at bay.

It tells us, this has happened before, don’t pay too much attention to it.

We tell her, no, this time is different…

It tells us, no, this time is no different.

We tell her, but our souls met.

It tells us, who cares if our souls met. It’s a silly thing, it’s that same silly thing that happened the time before.

It tells us, souls meet beautifully at first. They always do.

It tells us, they part eventually and I -emotional baggage- end up getting more weight i really don’t need!

We tell her but…

It tells us more and more of that.

Then our souls meet up again and again.

And the same conversation repeats itself, adding more points and removing others.

Until one of two things happen.

We keep miss emotional baggage at bay, and take that ferry into wonderland.

We stay at bay, warm and safe under its arms and wave a silent good-bye.

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

Playing at the intersection of culture, technology, and values. Trying to structure my thoughts and share experiences, learnings, and insights. Co-founder of @spring_apps
Amman, Jordan