PMS Conversation

I was just talking to my best friend, who happens to be my other muse on this blog about pmsing and periods.

me: can someone be pmsing still after their period has just finished?

bf: maybe

me: but my hormones should be all stable now! why do i feel so emotional!

bf: it think we generally downplay pms and periods and their effect on us

me: what do you mean? that we pin every extra emotional state on our pms?

bf: It really has a large effect on us as women, all through the month. We downplay it in society so we can be more equal to men while in reality, we fucking bleed on a regular bases. We bleed for 3-5 days a month!!!  see a man bleeding this much and how would that effect him!

me: true, men would be taking more sick leaves.

me: I have a problem with periods. I think its bad systems design. I am someone who decided years ago that I will not be breeding. So why do i have to deal with this extra feature in my body every month? Why can’t there be a procedure to unplug that whole sub-system out of my body?

bf: yes, but you can take out your uterus

me: what about the hormonal stuff, i don’t think it works. plus taking out your uterus is painfull big medical procedure.

bf: i guess.

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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