Music and us

I have to start this post with a confession…This blog has a muse! My muse likes to tip me on topics I should write about every now and then; when we are talking over drinks with friends.

Last tip was for me to talk about music and songs and try to imagine what life would be without them.

I couldn’t seem to write about that specifically for some reason since then, though I’ve touched on the broader topic of music through different posts; one talking about falling in love and more recently about freezing time.

Music like anything else in life is something we consume. There you’ve got one of the biggest industries built around it worldwide; different cultures, different instruments, different words, different tunes and different genres.

A world without music…mmmmm…well, music predates written word, it’s an ancient communication tool between all sorts of creatures on earth, from birds to humans, from forests to waterfalls you find rhythms everywhere. More on the origin of music here.

The first music or rhythm we heard as babies is the sound of our mothers and fathers putting us to sleep. We grew up later to listen to the opening songs of our favorite cartoons. (Just yesterday me and few friends were looking those up on YouTube. Jazeerat Al Kanz, Grendizer and Sandybell among others!) On to our first crush, love songs, pop music, tarab later to rock ‘n roll and alternative music, and jazz…etc.

So for me to imagine a world without music , is equal to imagining a world without spoken word.

Dull. Would be the ultimate loneliness we, people may ever experience.


Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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