So we’ll be getting our yearly dose of snow tomorrow or we won’t. But what we will get for sure is freezing temperatures over the next couple of nights.

I am thinking of ways to freezes time? actually moments, since the goal is to capture feelings as well…

One of my friends is obsessed in documenting our lives through -what now is- stacks and stacks of photo albums. We love her for that.

But I think music and songs freeze moments best, you hear a song somewhere and it reminds you of someone, someplace, sometime in your life. You get a sudden rush of feelings you once had. Happy ones and the not so happy ones. It’s powerful.

Same goes for me with smells, can get overwhelming.

There were always events in my life i had a huge urge to freeze every moment in them. Mostly with friends. Events when the mood was just right, where laughter danced the room  and where happiness shined in everyone’s eyes. No song or smell could take these in maybe…maybe those are best brought into conversations through telling stories where everyone speaks of the images and conversations stuck in their minds.

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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