Where to go if you wanted "Touch"?

I’ve spent over a week now researching to decide which is my future (2 year life span) mobile, and I’d like to share this with you!

So main features I can’t let go of any are:

1. Finger-friendly touch screen technology

2. Excellent Internet browsing ability.

3. Productivity software (Word, Spreadsheets, Calendar, Tasks, pdf…etc) with the ability to synchronize with Outlook both ways.

4. Over 3 MP Camera with flash, that shoots pictures and video

5. Media Player (Video and Music)

6. Copy and paste (yes you need it when you want to copy someones number and send it to someone else via SMS)

7. Ability to install more applications.

8. Physical keyboard.

9. Built-in G-sensor

My wishlist was:

1. Lighter weight than my current HUGE i-mate K-JAM

2. Over 2.8-inch screen size.

3. 3G

So, I first wanted of course to buy an iPhone, well aside from its excllent software user interface it failed items 3, 4, 6 and 8. Too much to accept just to get a great user interface.

Next, I checked HTC, and fell in love with HTC Touch Pro it matched my 9 items plus one on my wish list, brilliant design, great TouchFlo 3D interface built on top of Windows Mobole 6.1 (ok they try to imitate Apple, but who isn’t?) yet from reviews its G-Sensor doesn’t work on all interfaces in the phone. Weird!

But then the heavy weight kicked in, do I want another huge mobile phone?? So I checked HTC Touch Diamond, it had the 8 items on must-have list plus 3G and lighter weight on the wish list (No flash light with the camera), yet it had some not-so-good reviews especially for a bugy and slow TouchFlo 3D interface that HTC managed to tweak with the Touch Pro.

Next I decided to check other touch phones out there, and Samsung OMNIA and Sony Ericsson XPERIA came up:

The OMNIA, has a 5 MP camera with flash, lighter weight, a 3.2-inch screen but with no physical keyboard. I think it competes very well with the HTC Diamond, yet HTC’s proprietary touch interface TocuhFlow 3D is much neater.

The XPERIA on the other hand, was a bit less heavy than the Touch Pro (145 g instead of 165 g), has a nice sleek arc slider design for the physical keyboard, with a 3-inch screen. I just didn’t like its exterior design, those x’s everywhere.

My search then was concluded, didn’t check anybody else but Nokia, who depressingly  don’t have a touch phone to-date!

I think I am going to go with HTC, I love the brand and I like their design, they still have a way to go to mach the iPhone interface (physical and touch technology) but I believe they are on the right track, especially that Google’s open source operating system Android is going be first implemented on an HTC Dream with T-Mobile in the US.


1. Nokia, where the hell is your touch phone??? its 2008! and I’ve been using touch technology for the past 3 years!!!

2. All mobile makers everywhere, people who are looking for business productivity like nice design too, like to take good quality pictures and video too.

3. This comparison didn’t include price.

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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