The power of webware

I got a new laptop last week and it was just amazing how fast I could transfer all my stuff to it, it was fully ready in less than 3 hours. Nope it didn’t have to do with what “transfer” method I used or what was pre-installed on it.

It was simply how the move into webware instead of software made things much easier.

Things I didn’t have to move:

  1. My emails were all stored on Google Apps (except for SYNTAX since it has 20MB limit)
  2. My project data was all stored on Basecamp
  3. My tasks were all listed on HighRise/Basecamp
  4. My RSS feeds were all on Google Reader.

In the old days, you had to worry about installing all the software you use over again, but thanks to webware that also speeded up how fast I set up everything I needed which came from two main suppliers Microsoft and Adobe!

The things I had to move were:

  1. Pictures, which I could put on Flickr or Ikbis but i still worry about privacy issues.
  2. Documents, which I could have put on Google Docs (Part of Google Apps) or But still I somehow can’t make the move to web office tools yet.
  3. Music, which I could have Synchronized with my iPod (had i had one).
  4. Contacts, will since my i-mate (mobile) can’t sync with my laptop anymore I had to copy them.

Yep, you can tell very easily that I love webware 😀 Wonder when will I be able to use the term more often like we say software!

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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