The Detour Podcast: Reef Fakhouri

A conversation with Reef Fakhouri about the her journey from media and communications into growing a social kitchen.

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About Reef

Reef in Arabic means countryside, the fertile land, and also "Reef Alayn" is the part of the eye that protects it when it blinks. Symbols that reflect my passion for nature, learning from it and with it while observing its beauty. I was born and raised in Jordan, living and working in different areas around it, with having strong ties to where I live in this world. After spending a good time of my life in the academic institutions, private companies, and the NGO sector, I realized how much I don't know, and what I already know comes from institutions that feed into destroying the fabric of nature and communities. Eight years ago, I came together with Dina, a former colleague, and friend, to start Taghmees Social Kitchen, a homegrown learning medium. Taghmees in Arabic means to immerse, immerse in life and food as a way to bring people together. In Taghmees we question what enters our mind and body, be part in producing our meaning in this life rather than being just consumers. In Taghmees we use our own stories as a way of learning and reflect on our different life experiences.

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