The Detour Podcast: Randi Abdin

حديثي مع راندي عابدين عن بداية شغفها بالرقص والحركة ومسار حياتها مع كل التحويلات والاختيارات المختلفة

A my conversation with Randi Abdin about the beginning of her passion for dance and movement, the road with all the detours and the different choices she made.

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About Randi Abdin

Randi is currently the Director General of Elia Nuqul Foundation; a family philanthropic foundation creating space for youth to thrive and develop their growth on an educational, professional, and personal level facilitating their entrance to the job market.

Having a passion for the performing arts and especially dance, she started dancing at the age of 22 and received a Professional Diploma in Dance Studies from the previously called Laban Center London (Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance) in 2001. Randi has more than 20 years of performing arts experience, specializing in the field of dance. Her experience consists of choreography, teaching dance, and performing.

An active leader and a fellow in the Middle East Leadership Academy (Mela), one of several sister leadership organizations spanning the Middle East, Central Eurasia, South East Asia and the United States of America.

An Associate Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation, in addition to being a graduate from the Landmark Forum and the Advanced Course from Landmark Worldwide.

Randi’s diverse academic, practical, cultural, and artistic experience allows her to capitalize on the resources at hand, create and innovate, develop, plan, achieve, evaluate with a clear vision, and more importantly lead her towards what she aspires for.

Randi is committed to serving others with the purpose of taking an active part in improving the well-being of individuals and groups through body movement genius and creativity. Currently, she is a dance movement therapist in training, studying Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) at the 92Y Harkness Dance Center in New York City. She is committed to start a DMT practice in Jordan.

As a consultant specializing in non-verbal communication for teams in corporate set-ups, Randi applies DMT approaches and methodologies in her programs to bring out the power within clients.

Randi is an endless learner who loves to travel and meet people from different cultures and walks of life. Her slogan in life is to live it fully and to be all in whatever she does. In addition, dance and music speak to her being.