The Detour Podcast: Rana Husseini

A conversation with Rana Husseini about the different events that pushed her into detours until she became a women rights activist, with commentary on the state of feminism in Jordan today.

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About Rana Husseini

Author of “Years of Struggle – The Women’s Movement in Jordan (2021) and “Murder in the Name of Honour (2009)”, a human rights activist and senior journalist writing for “The Jordan Times”, Husseini focused on social issues for over 25 years with a special emphasis on violence against women, as well as the brutal crimes that are committed against Jordanian women in the name of family honor. Husseini has earned 10 local and international awards, including a medal from King Abdullah II in 2007, the Reebok Human Rights Award in 1998 for reporting on such crimes and The London Arabia Organisation Arab Woman of the Year Award in 2019 for social impact. Husseini is currently serving on several boards including Equality Now in the United States, and the Jordanian National Committee for Demining and Rehabilitation.