The Detour Podcast: Ola El Khalidi

A conversation with Ola El Khalidi about how her love for music has taken her into adventures and detours in her life so far.

Listen to "With Ola El Khalidi مع علا الخالدي" on Spreaker.

About Ola El Khalidi

Ola El Khalidi is delving into ways to unleash Teta O, her artist self, and experiment with music and movement fearlessly. Curator and arts collaborator, Ola is the founder of Makan Art Space (2003-2015), she is a member of the Rocca Family since 2010, an artist collaborative project with Diala Khasawnih that contemplates the meaning of everyday matters. The Family’s latest project, the Zizi School, is an experiment at philosophizing. Ola continues to examine notions of intimacy and freedom through creating spaces of listening such as the Clinic (2019 - on going), where she holds one on one sessions for artists to reflect and wonder about their practices through conversation and exchange of wisdom.