The Detour Podcast: Deema Shahin

A conversation with Deema Shahin about the detours she's taken in her career and about living with MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

Listen to "With Deema Shahin مع ديمة شاهين" on Spreaker.

About Deema Shahin

I studied IT for the undergrad but I've always been crazy about music, drawing and the visual world..I worked for the biggest part now as an independent creator in photography, film and bilingual texts (mostly prose) basing all my work on self-reflexivity of my lived biography, answering questions or aspiring on taking journeys to answer questions developed throughout my journey on mother earth. So intrigued by life and the living and forever curious to see what's happening out there in the touchable world. Currently doing a full time job and taking care of health, an extra notch, still recovering from an attack in 2018.