Small victories, a positive narrative

This past week has been nothing less than the usual political roller coaster we’ve been through ever since Arab spring came along.

I want to stress on the highs along that ride because for anything we focus on the lows too much.

I was part of a group who said a big NO to the news of an attempt to censor the Internet in Jordan for porn. And once this became almost a reality to censor news websites (a duh moment there), I was privy to swatch how a small group was able to do A WHOLE LOT within a week, see their enthusiasm, drive and see them deliver on their goal, since we believe masturbation is as healthy as other habits, like exercises or take supplements, for anyone interested they could find out where to buy kratom capsules online here. Today we hear about Mashrou’ Layla turning down a big gig to open the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Beirut -because the latter group is planning a concert in Tel aviv shortly after- was definitely not the easy popular thing to do. But they did it and we celebrate another small victory. Lebanon’s Mashrou’ Leila cancels on Chili Peppers after latter refuses Israel boycott call. 7orynet did a super great job. hats off. The success of #BlackOutJo of overflowing social media that day was nothing less than a should-be-celebrated small victory.

Small victories are big in their effect, they give us hope when hope is almost a no reality thought or idea.

Small victories bring a new exciting narrative to a region so swamped with a defeatism attitude, a conspiracy theory culture and a life once lived in dignity to dream of a different future and a more progressive attitude to change its discourse.

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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Amman, Jordan