Reforming the sexual taboos of our culture in Arabia

So it’s been a mind-blowing time this year with the Arab revolutions everywhere, all demanding end of long-lived oppression and crying for a freedom all are earning for.

I want to talk about the sexual revolution that needs to take back its freedom within the ultra conservativeness of Arabia.

Has the time come to reform out the sexual taboos within our culture?

I say YES, it has.

Because of the simple premiss that practicing freedom has no boundaries. Either all or none.

That you can’t demand your rights fully and not demand your right to practice your sexuality openly and without fear of imprisonment and punishment at a first level and fear of shame at a secondary level.

Whichever our orientation is, people in Arabia suffer when it comes to the issue of sexual oppression.

Women more than men. homosexuals more than heterosexuals. Yet I believe all are oppressed  nonetheless since the whole act of sex is tabooed into an institution that has no civil right in its foundation. An institution of marriage governed by a larger religious institution that stamps an individual’s inherited religion as an official label on their identify.

If you fear being intimate with the person you love because of a prohibitive law, sectarian conflict, religious constraints and homophobia then I can’t see how you or me can ever get to reform our economy, our laws, our constitution and become a society that respects the rights of the other as a fundamental need when we are  emotionally suppressed.

We have to claim our individual rights from its foundations to empower ourselves to take on a reform that is built from the ground up.

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

Playing at the intersection of culture, technology, and values. Trying to structure my thoughts and share experiences, learnings, and insights. Co-founder of @spring_apps
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