Questler goes international!

We got very excited today with the number of blog posts that sprung out of Jane’s post yesterday, the more exciting thing was the great number of users that joined and are growing!

Here is the chronological order of things:

1. Jane’s post on July 28th UK morning time.

2. Someone submits Questler to,  gets on review queue.

3. Glen Gaten writes about us on his blog.

4. Questler gets listed officially in

5. Questler gets selected as one of the 15+ web reviews at, a great review!

6. Ajay Tripathi writes about in his Visionwiz blog

7. ROTOR blog writes a great review of Questler,

Hope I didn’t jinx it by a pre-mature post 😀 but I had to mark this day!!!


Update, July 30th

8.  Questler review on is published @ The Online Life Knowledge

9.  The briefest mention ever (yet powerful!) @ the English Education Professor

10. Questler briefly reviewed at a mini blog post by Sigalon

11. Questler @ ZEPY

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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