Funny video about Web 2.0 "bubble"

I just came across this video at , its so funny but sadly it has some truth to it! Titled “Here comes another bubble” sang by The Richter Scales.

Being the founder of a Web 2.0 web app, I still found this video funny, but here is why I don’t think we are building a bubble! why? I am going to do exactly like what Dharmesh did on his blog! Watch the video then read why!


1. We are building a learning network that will help people learn from each other, not just poke each other…hint hint!

2. We are building a toolset that will empower people to take charge of their own learning, not wait for formal programs to to keep doing that for them.

3. The product vision for Questler is to enable organizations of all types both cultivate and capture informal learning that is already happening in their organizations.

4. We want organizations to balance their spending between formal and informal learning to get performance results not just keep on spending 80% of their budgets on formal training programs.

5. We are talking about one industry only not two.

6. We are using Web 2.0 concepts but we are trying to focus their use in learning, not socializing and i think that should win us a point!

7. I am 33, Eyad is 32 and Alma is 29 and we don’t think that Web 2.0 is only for people in their early-mid twenties!

Thanks for that video, its good to be able to blog this!

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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