Questler beta is up!

onblack1.gif   We’ve finaly did it and got the beta out last night!

Our baby of 6 months has finally seen the ligh! Thanks to Eyad & Alma (my partners) and Ahmad (our coder) we were able to get a stable release out to our friends to use and send feedback.

So far the feedback was great, i mean lots of it! and we are working on fixing some issues and adding more usability features to the service. We have some interesting quests already logged and some very useful answers.

This has been a great journey so far, sometimes a bit harder than great but we marched on and proved to our selves that we can do it with the little funding (none!) and time constraints we had.

Questler, more much more to come!
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Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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