Initial impressions on the iPad

1. It’s awesome! Super awesome actually, the whole experience feels like being part of sci-fi movie!

2. Since I own an iPhone too, the main driver for me to get one was -beside being a gadget freak- the iBooks and Kindle apps; the idea and then experience of buying a book and getting to read it instantly while you are at home in Amman is just thrilling.

3. Pulse, BBC News and Reader apps made my daily ritual of reading news and blog posts from my favorite RSS sources much more intimate and relaxed than reading those on Google Reader on my laptop browser.

4. The much talked about Wired app was amazing. Yet, i slowly grew out of it because it still felt like i was reading a magazine with articles as images and not live web pages.

5. I downloaded one of brilliant travel guides that had all information ready within the app it self, both the iPad version and the iPhone version got installed only to discover they didn’t talk to each other. Whatever I saved or did to the iPad version, I needed to do again in the iPhone one. I didn’t like that. This is the case with many other apps that are not associated with a big website as their backend, not like Dropbox…etc. I found that to be annoying and would be great if someone can build this generic platform where app developers can sync in their apps to it and have the data saved across devices.

6. I just got the Keyboard Dock yesterday, it really made the experience much more productive, making the iPad a truly portable computing experience; from one side it’s much more comfortable than a smartphone when you want to write a long blog post like this one yet, not as bulky when using your laptop.

7. I haven’t experienced super photography much on the iPad beside’s the guardian’s eyewitness. An amazing app and experience.

8. YouTube. And How. Watching YouTube videos is so rich on the iPad that you don’t want to watch anything on your laptop, again the relaxing and intimate nature of the iPad has this great effect on video as much it did for reading for me.

9.Yet, video from other sources that don’t yet have HTML 5 support is annoying. You’ll be reading a news item on Pulse or Reader and if the source didn’t use YouTube for their videos you can hardly read them. I want flash support on the iPad and iPhone, whichever smart excuse Steve Jobs gives against it, i want it.

That’s about it for now. My advice? Go get one, and be for once part of a revolution of a new breed or devices that will soon be the norm.

Razan Khatib

Razan Khatib

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